Academic Area


For our math curriculum, we follow the EngageNY math modules. The modules are reflective of the common core learning standards, and are vertically aligned in effort for learning to be a continuum between each grade level. The modules include rigorous “daily” lesson plans focusing on in depth exploration of fewer topics.


EngageNY Modules

  • daily fluency
  • dialy application practice
  • daily guided practice/connected homework task

Social Studies/Science:

For social studies and science, we use the NYS science and social studies standards. In addition, we strategically use our “Reading Workshop” to expose students to a cross-curricular approach to learning science and social studies; this is done by integrating non-fiction texts as extension opportunities for students to learn science and social studies related topics.

Academic Intervention Services:

For support services, we use two programs including: Leveled Literacy and Number Worlds. Both programs are used in addition to our core instruction to build fundamental reading and math skills. The academic intervention services that are offered through the use of the two referenced programs are provided by AIS support teachers.



For our (ELA) curriculum, we use Lucy Culkins Units of Study for Reading. “Readers Workshop” is the nucleus of the Lucy Culkins Curriculum which empowers teachers to work with students in small groups and differentiate instruction. The Lucy Culkins Units of Study curriculum follows a balanced literacy program which encompasses the strongest elements of teaching students to read and comprehend.


Our school also uses Words Their Way and First Hand Phonics to teach decoding and vocabulary skills in isolation. First Hand Phonics is used as a resource for our primary grades as an additional supplement to build the phonological and phonemic awareness skills of our youngest learners. Teachers integrate the resources from the two programs into their daily literacy Readers Workshop blocks.



                         Reading Workshop

  •  Mini lessons
  •  Small group work
  •  Independent reading time
  •  Reflection

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