Code of Conduct
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Aloma D. Johnson Charter School Code of Conduct
Student Code of Conduct ALOMA D. JOHNSON CHARTER SCHOOL CODE OF CONDUCT FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS Director’s Message: I am honored to be a part of the Aloma D. Johnson family and work with the amazing staff here. We will continue to “do whatever it takes” for student success. By partnering with our parents/guardians, the work ahead of us will be accomplished in a successful manner and we will have our students off on the right track to college. It is our job to work together to ensure the elementary years are successful for both academics and behavior. In order to turn out completely well-rounded students, both areas need to be at a high level of success. Students will work hard but will have fun while doing so. Our classrooms will be engaging, hands-on and full of an excitement for learning. Aloma D. Johnson Charter School is a place where staff love coming to work, students love learning and parents can be involved as much as possible. Our belief is that ALL of our students will go to college after graduating high school. Working together, we can begin that process here. Thank you for supporting the staff and students! Together, we will be successful!! Best Regards, Dr. Richards “Our students are worth whatever it takes“

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