Director's Message

Welcome to ADJ Charter School. I am proud to be the Academic Director of this esteemed learning community. We are a community of teachers and students who are excited to teach and learn in a rigorous yet enthusiastic environment. We are a community of “hands on” administrators who do not just oversee school functions, but get involved at every level in helping to make our faculty greater. We are a collective board of directors whose passion and commitment transcends throughout the school and community. We are a community of caring parents who strive to support the mission of the school.


At ADJ Charter School, we use student data to drive instruction and are able to obtain academic achievement because of our diligence in this area. Professional development for faculty and staff is ongoing and purposeful throughout the school year and during summer vacation. We are continuously revising our curriculum delivery based on academic data and the needs of individual students as we are a school who truly believes in differentiation. ADJ’s instructional units are based on the New York State Common Core State Standards and our teachers work together to create the best learning opportunities while preparing our students for success.


At ADJ, part of our mission is to support the “whole” child through various activities that emphasizes character building. Students are able to earn Eagle Excellence tickets by completing homework assignments, perfect attendance, and demonstrating high academic achievement. Each month students are recognized and honored for their achievements and given awards and prizes.

Parent involvement is highly encouraged as we expect parents to be the most important role model. At ADJ Charter School, parent involvement is fostered by the many events in which we provide for families such as the Million Father March, Family Math Night, Parent Teacher Conferences, Open House, and Tech Night.


At ADJ Charter School we are preparing children to compete on a Global level and are accepting NO EXCUSES for their lack of success. Each child who attends ADJ Charter School WILL BE successful………NO EXCUSES.

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